Who is Santen?
Santen is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in ophthalmology products.
Can I purchase my eye drops directly from Santen?
We do not sell directly to consumers. Please buy our products at the pharmacies or drugstores.
Do I need a prescription?
No. All HYDRELO™ Eye Drops are available over the counter and can be purchased without prescription.
Can I use my HYDRELO™ Eye Drops after the expiry date?
We do not recommend using our products after they expire because we do not test expired product and therefore cannot guarantee the efficacy of it after expiration.
Do HYDRELO™ Eye Drops contain any preservative?
HYDRELO™ Eye Drops are preservative-free in order to be gentle for sensitive eyes and suitable for long-term use.
How many times a day can I use my HYDRELO™ Eye Drops?
You can use it as needed. We recommend 1-2 drops per eye per use.
Which HYDRELO™ Eye Drops products are safe to use with contact lenses?
All HYDRELO™ Eye Drops are safe to use with contact lenses.
If I have more questions, who can I ask?
You can discuss with your pharmacist or ophthalmologist about the use of HYDRELO™ Eye Drops.
For additional questions, or to report any concerns with HYDRELO™ Eye Drops, please contact hydrelo@santen.com